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Angel - hosted by Jason Calacanis

Feb 26, 2020

0:50 Jason intros Benchmark's Sarah Tavel
1:20 Aside from Slack, what other companies grew like consumer-facing but charge like enterprise?
3:19 How was Sarah recruited to Benchmark? How is Benchmark different from other major VC firms?
12:04 Limited upside of talking to the press in 2020
17:30 Growing up in NYC and...

Feb 19, 2020

0:50 Jason intros CRV's George Zachary
2:20 Passing on Google at MDV and coming to peace with the anti-portfolio
5:51 Differences between leadership & management, where Steve Jobs, Larry & Sergey fell on that scale
10:27 Why 1990's VC was sales & marketing-driven instead of product-driven as it is now
12:52 What shifted...

Feb 11, 2020

0:50 Jason intros Coatue Management's Dan Rose
1:52 Dan takes Jason through getting his internship at Amazon in 1999 and meeting Jeff Bezos
6:55 What was Amazon's core business in 1999? What was it like incubating the Kindle in the mid-2000s?
10:04 How did Bezos grow as a leader and businessman during Dan's tenure at...

Feb 5, 2020

0:01 Jason intros Season 4 of Angel & Index Ventures' Sarah Cannon
3:22 How did working for the Obama administration lead Sarah into Venture Capital?
4:56 Picking a fight with Larry Summers as an intern
15:42 Choosing Harvard's MBA program over Stanford's
18:26 Getting into VC
20:27 Working at CapitalG
24:09 How was the...