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Angel - hosted by Jason Calacanis

Mar 21, 2020

0:52 Jason intros Greylock's Sarah Guo
3:37 How did Sarah wind up at Greylock?
5:45 Sarah explains Greylock's "Zero to One" thesis & typical term commitment of a VC
11:53 How does Sarah measure her personal performance and her portfolio's performance? What are her biggest strengths as an investor?
16:12 How does she...

Mar 18, 2020

0:53 Jason intros Bessemer's David Cowan
1:54 David explains how he got his start in Venture capital in 1992
4:22 What does Bessemer look for in a potential investor today? How has VC hiring and demographics have changed over time?
8:10 David gives an anecdote about understanding "sunk cost"
14:12 David explains how and...

Mar 11, 2020

0:53 Jason intros Nicole Quinn
1:59 Nicole & Jason describe their separate Calm investments, will it be the first mental health IPO?
8:00 Calm's I.C.E. celebrity engagement method & how it got them LeBron James
8:54 Investing in Sophia Amoruso & Girlboss: what is it about "Force of Nature" product people that attracts...

Mar 4, 2020

0:51 Jason intros Bain Capital's Ajay Agarwal

3:17 Are we experiencing late-stage capitalism? Is capitalism broken?

8:22 Why is upward mobility stalling?

15:29 What is it about founders & startups that made him dedicate his life's work to?

18:46 What piece of knowledge got him in startups? Ajay describes gross margin &...